Gym Trading Environment#

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Gym Trading Env is a Gymnasium environment for simulating stocks and training Reinforcement Learning (RL) trading agents. It was designed to be fast and customizable for easy RL trading algorithms implementation.

Key features#

This package aims to greatly simplify the research phase by offering :

  • Easy and quick download technical data on several exchanges

  • A simple and fast environment for the user and the AI, but which allows complex operations (Short, Margin trading).

  • A high performance rendering (can display several hundred thousand candles simultaneously), customizable to visualize the actions of its agent and its results.

  • (Coming soon) An easy way to backtest any RL-Agents or any kind



Gym Trading Env supports Python 3.9+ on Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can install it using pip:

pip install gym-trading-env

Or using git :

git clone


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